I chose my best shots and collected them in a series of artistic wood panels in order to bring colors and creativity to your house.

The idea is to merge photography and painting in a new and original decor solution, creating something simple but extraordinarily powerful




 What is an Artwork?

It's not just a simple image, it represents the passion, the creativity, the emotions I feel every time I hold my camera on my hands.. it's my point of view, the way I watch our world and the feelings it evokes every time.

Every Artwork is a piece of my art: the high-resolution image is printed on a resistent wood panel whose borders are hand painted with acrylic colors for continuing the original image. The final product is then treated with an anti-scratch solution to protect it and make it completely washable. 

Each Artwork is available in three different sizes and ready to give to your house, your apartment or your shop a colorful, creative and artistic touch.


"The Earth is Art, the photographer is only a witness."


Hand Painted



High Quality Garanteed

My name is Dario

I don't like to be called "photographer" because I don't properly follow the rules of this art. Indeed, I feel like I'm closer to be a content creator.. the guy who uses his creativity and his imagination for making people dream and letting them be inspired by the places I portray.

The camera is my faithful fellow traveler, the only companion I can't move around without, and Photoshop is the magic wand that allows my creativity to explode in a impetus of colors.

In every picture I take I always try to put something mine inside: the emotions I felt, a personal and different point of view, or, simply and naturally, a piece of my inner personality.

I believe personality is the key, it truly is the most important thing in photography, that detail that distinguishes your image from all the others, the singular and unique particular in a ocean of similar pictures.


But what's the aim of what I do?

Taking shots is just a hobby, however I take care of every single detail of my pictures. Images and post-production are the means through which I communicate with you: warm tones, idylllic places and powerful colors are used to convey a sense of optimism and happiness, create a positive view of the world, spread feelings of love and sweetness to everyone, inspire and let people dream about travelling.

That's what I do, that's what I love and that's what I feel.

Smile, be happy every day and let the light inspire you.

                                                                                                               Dario Veronesi


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©Artworks by Dario Veronesi